Sunday, January 24, 2021

Our Temple Has Found Its Patron Hero

Within the course of every kind of organization, country or family, the development of symbols and heroes manifest along the way, based on the circumstances and understanding of said entity. Over the course of 2020, our temple established an official sacred animal and a flower. Priest Christopher, this year, decided it was time for a Hero to watch over our temple and be the Patron of it and its people. Because of the fact that our temple has shown exceptional strength, resilience and honor throughout its life, Ajax (the Great) became the candidate, as He also heavily embodies these traits. Through prayer and sacrifice, Ajax was invited into our temple on January 23rd, and by all indications, accepted our offer to be our temple's official Patron Hero.

The knowledge of the existence of Ajax comes to us mainly through The Iliad of Homer, fighting on the side of the Greeks in the Trojan War, or Achaeans as Homer describes them. Although Achilles was the greatest warrior, He was not the largest. That fell to Ajax, who was known as the Bulwark of the Greeks, possessing colossal size and strength. He remained a defensive Hero during the war and a protector of the Greeks while in retreat, but yet He was never wounded in any of the battles that took place. Poseidon comes to Ajax in Book 13 and gives the Hero back His strength by touching Him with the trident. Not only did Ajax live exemplary, the Gods took direct interest in His life. In fact, in Book 15, Ajax alone is able to halt the advances of Trojan forces. 

In ancient times, Ajax had statues and at least 1 temple, and was worshiped in Athens and Salamis. In the near future, our temple will compose its own prayers and rites to Him as our Patron, and include Him in some of our general gatherings.

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