Publications By Temple Writers

Priest Christopher (Chris Aldridge)

Self-Published (Hellenism)
* New Prayers of Old Hellas, 2015
* Light of Olympos: Ancient Greek Rites and Prayers for Everyday Life, 2016
* Hellenic Polytheism: A Basic Guide For Ancient Greek Practitioners, 2017
* An Ancient Greek Guide to Cleansing, Banishment and Exorcism, 2022

Circle Magazine (Contemporary Paganism)
* Festival of the Sun, issue 115, 2013
* The Hellenic Journey of the Soul, issue 122, 2015

Witches & Pagans Magazine (Contemporary Paganism)
* In Her Light: A Pagan Salvation Story, issue 36, 2018
*The Search for Moly, issue 37, 2019
* Your Ascended Family at Your Back, issue 40, 2023

Destiny Books/Inner Traditions
* Forward, The Sacred Herbs of Spring, 2020

The Creativity Webzine
* Gods and Heroes Among Us, issue 2, 2017
* Christoforos' Travels: Temple Of The Greek Gods, 2023

Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes (Greece)
* Falsehoods of Christian and Jewish Persecution in Rome and Egypt, 2018

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