Temple Library

Our temple's online library page consists of books and publications available to the public that we feel are relevant, essential, and importantly, truthful, accurate and honest, to the study, practice and understanding of ancient Greek religion, spirituality, mythology, and culture, written by a variety of authors and practitioners. Each modern publication has been read by the Head Priest of the temple and approved for the temple library. Click the View button to access each item. If Locations Unknown is after the title, it means the book is either unable to be located on bookseller sites, or is out of print, and may require additional research to find. Our temple's physical library, which can only be accessed by those in our Demos, holds over 200 books.

Adkins, Lesley, Handbook To Life In Ancient Greece. (View)
Alexander, Timothy, A Beginner's Guide to Hellenismos. (View)
Athanassakis, Apostolos, The Orphic Hymns. (View).
Aristotle, Complete Works. (View).
Burkert, Walter, Greek Religion. (View)
Connelly, Joan, The Parthenon Enigma. (View)
Hesiod, Theogony, Works and Days, Shield of Herakles. (View)
Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey. (View)
Homer, The Homeric Hymns. (View)
Hughes, Bettany, The Hemlock Cup. (View).
Labrys Community, Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship. (View)
Mason, Cora, Socrates: The Man Who Dared To Ask. (Locations Unknown).
Neils, Jenifer ed., Panathenaia and Parthenon. (View)
Pevnick, Seth, Poseidon and the Sea. (View).
Plato, Complete Works. (View)
Pollard, John, Seers, Shrines and Sirens, (View)
Scott, Michael, Delphi: A History of the Center of the Ancient World. (View)
Spawforth, Tony, The Complete Greek Temples. (View)
Stagman, Myron, 100 Prophecies of the Delphic Oracle. (View).
Strauss, Barry, The Trojan War. (View) 
YSEE, Hellenic Ethnic Religion: Theology and Practice. (View)

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