Membership Application

To apply for membership into the temple, fill out the application below. You can copy and paste it either in the message box on the website, or in an email addressed to:

Feel free to make as much space as needed for each section of information. Benefits of membership: Access to all basic temple and Head Clergy services free of charge if within the Demos (abroad members will have free access to all online services). Members will also have the support and voice of our organization wherever they live.

Application For Membership






Felony Convictions

Employment or Trade


Are you a member of any organization that is classified as a hate group, or do you hold any prejudice views against other people because of their race, gender or orientation?

Do you believe in, worship and respect the ancient Greek Gods?

What brings you to our temple, and what do you hope to gain from membership?

Are you applying for local or abroad membership?
What is local and abroad membership? Local members live within the State of Illinois or on her borders. This means they are within reasonable driving distance of us and can more easily attend our temple physically. Abroad members are too far away to be within reasonable distance. Without living in Illinois or on her borders, you will not qualify for Local. However, abroad members have free access to all of our online clergy services and can of course attend all of our online, as well as physical events, if they are able.

Have you read and agreed to our ByLaws?

If accepted into the temple, do you want your membership kept private?

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