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This page consists of religious and spiritual poetry in the form of praises, prayers, odes, hymns and rituals written by members of the clergy or temple, and modern Hellenists in general. All are released to the public domain under the following conditions: Credit must remain in the author's name and the originality of the text cannot be compromised.

Odes by Priest Christopher


O' wondrous Aphrodite, a heavenly Goddess, how so many Ages have loved and feared you, but those who do not think you always good, know not your grace, or the splendidness you give to humanity. All that comes from you is blissful, for you are a giver of life, and the physical and mental salvation of mortals; for sexual pleasure is our health, but repressed it becomes our destruction and misery. When shall people see that it is not sex which should be resisted, but the defilement of it? The wholeness of your Divinity I worship and adore, for therein are all good things. Always at your temples and shrines will I release sweet perfumes, place flowers, incense and wine upon your altars, and sing your hymns for the Majesty of the daughter of the sea.


O' blessed Aegis-Bearing daughter of the King of all Gods, you are the bedrock of civilization and the justice of cities, who gives me strength and armor to be an Akropolis against my enemies, whose shield can never be breached or spear broken; victory is always yours, She crowns you at every battle, for in annihilation do you leave all who challenge you and wish evil against the universe. Yours is the wisdom of all Ages, the intellect of the cosmos, a Goddess who sets us free. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet frankincense, pour olive oil and wine upon your altars, and recite prayers and hymns of your glory over giants and monsters.


Trident-Bearing God, Lord of the oceans, a world all their own, holy Earth-Shaker, you are the Savior of ships and the blessing of beautiful voyages; you are the freshness in a sea breeze, the wind in our sails, and the cool rush beneath my feet as they sink into Gaia whom you hold so tightly dear. You are my peace, my intrigue, my wonder. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet myrrh, lay sea salt and fish upon your altars, and sing of the timeless tides.


I look to the glorious East, and behold Apollon's light that comes forth each day; O' son of Zeus and Leto, you are a heavenly Archer who brings life to Earth and brightens my face in every waking hour. All Gods rise in respect as you pass by, gracing Olympos and enlightening mortals. Noble red-robed God of the silver bow, in your hands you hold the central celestial, and thus you are the light of the world. O' Far-Shooter, always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet frankincense, place laurel and hyacinth upon your altars, and never be unmindful of your encompassing eyes.


Blessed Arrow-Showering Goddess of the hunt, I know even from my youth. Whether it was the green-covered forest of the spring and summer, the leaf-cloaked ground of autumn, or the frosted plains of the winter hillsides, always can I remember a love in my heart for the natural and untamed places over which She, Artemis, reigns in domain. Even from the lunar heavens, the daughter of Zeus and Leto illuminates Earth, filling our night with sight, mystery and a silent serenity. The mountains shiver as She fires Her golden bow, and the ground quakes; not even the sea can remain still, nor can Her game escape. Immortal Archer, always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet cedar and frankincense, lay wild berries and flowers upon your altars, and delight in the songs of Delos.


Caduceus-Holding God of Cyllene and Arkadia, you are heaven's Messenger, Herald of the Highest God, flying about the world day by day, winged feet as fast as the wind, on holy and sacred missions for Olympos. You are so wonderful and pleasant of a God, who brings good fortune and wealth wherever you go, who uplifts my spirit to the flight of human potential; Master of the roads before me, who makes my feet steadfast and my heart faithful for life's travels. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet strawberry incense, lay crocus upon your altars, and recite your hymns of old.


Golden-Helmeted champion of Themis, who with a mighty heart and strong hand stands as a shield of Olympos, home of the Gods; wondrous and ancient God of war, upon your Aeropagus do mortal nobles and courts sit. O' Bringer of the sword, yours is Divine wrath that charges forth on chariots of gold and obliterates the foe, to save the just and direct the course of nations and states. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn the dragon's blood, gift thy fair portion of loot upon your altars, and praise your name in glory.


O' mighty King of all Gods and men, God of the thunderbolt, the immortal lance of heaven, before whom all tremble, for nothing can withstand; even the ground of Gaia does it make sacred, a place where no mortal can then tread, but only venerate in holiness. Loud and rumbling Lord who glows the dimmed skies, gathers the clouds, and quenches the thirst of Mother Earth. He is the Supreme Ruler whom none can disobey, conqueror of the Titans of old, and keeper of the keys to their prison far below in Tartaros, where enemies of the Gods are locked away from the universe. Eternal Father of all, even to those who are not His children, for His is the Kingship of the cosmos, who brings justice to injustice, order to chaos, and liberation to the chained and enslaved; a God so kind even to the strangers and suppliants, noble upon the highest peak. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet storax incense, place precious oak, pine and almonds upon your altars, and delight in the songs of Crete.


O' Hera, beautiful and glorious White-Armed Queen of heaven, Mother of the galaxy, highest of all Goddesses and wife of the King; the women of Earth are Her beloved, and the peacock, yet male, in its astounding beauty does She delight. The human soul She wraps in nourishment, into the very bodies of men and women She puts breath and Her Spirit into all things that live and thrive. She is Mother to us all, Feminine Divine, universal power. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet lotus incense, pour pomegranate over your altars, and sing the songs of Argos.


Praise to the Lord of fire, magnificent Creator, Engineer of the universe. As He slams His Divine hammer upon the anvil of the cosmos, the most beautiful creations are birthed and crafted into existence; among them the armor for Gods and men, and even of stars and moons is He a part. To our love and marvel we hold dear to our hearts the sacredness and grandeur of His Godhood, and much do we hope His presence in our own labors day by day, that we build the best of human achievement. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet frankincense, place the Fennel upon your altars, and delight in the music of Lemnos. 


O' blessed Ivy-Wrapped son of Zeus, child of woman, Twice-Born, triumphant over death, He is the God of life whose own blood flows from the vines of Earth and fills the cups of mankind with ecstasy, freeing us from all the hinders the enjoyment of our humanity. Into mortals He shines the spirit of happiness, and into all of nature He puts life; beautifully vibrant and rejoicing at the sight of the Blooming God's thyrsus. Youngest of Olympos who roars among the maenads and haunts the forests, whose throne is on the highest mountain, and among the mortals below who reach ascension through His rites of secret. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet lavender incense, pour the grapes and wines over your altars, and revel in your mysteries.


She is the lovely Great Mother, Goddess of our fields who endows the crops with life flourishing. Men work the land in Her name that they may reap a harvest fit for feasts and the nourishment of the human body. Ruler of the seasons, who graces the earth with life thriving in the spring and summer; and in the autumn when She withdraws, a world of colors still graces the lands of mortals, for even death is beautiful when touched by Her blessed hands. The cold winter is when She is farthest away, but always She remains the Bringer of Law, Goddess of cultivation and domestication, the agricultural establishment which finally gave humanity rest from endless movement, and peace from the uncertainty of the future. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet mint incense, lay the first fruits upon your altars, and delight in the Mysteries of Eleusis.


Our beautiful, homely One, Goddess of our own hearths and home of the blessed Gods themselves. She is the eternal fire of the family who lifts us into the presence of the Dodekatheon. She is refuge, safeguard, and comfort; Alpha and Omega in our daily rites. Eternal Virgin who takes Her place at the fireside of Zeus, and shares an undying love for mortal civilizations and the small parts that each man and woman makes their unique own, Her spirit in the feasts and culinary delights of the table. She is the proper Order to all our households, whose heart knows how to be a family, and whose wisdom and knowledge reveals the course. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet aromatic herbs, give a portion of each meal from my grate, and talk about your ancient stories.


Magnificent Lord, the Unseen God who dwells below and reigns over the Underworld; gold, silver and bronze riches are His wealth. Blesser of souls, Receiver of the Dead, who sends Charon day by day to take from the shores of the old world and into new life; a place to rest forever, free from the burdens of the previous existence. He is our Nekron Soter - Savior of those passed, the Host of countless. Fiercely does He guard His kingdom, for at the jaws and paws of Cerberus, neither the living shall enter nor the dead escape. Every waking hour did I fear death until I knew the peace, wonder, and intrigue that He, Zeus' own brother, bestows upon mortal minds who receive them. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet mint incense, lay Asphodel upon your altars in abundance, and strive to reach the end without sorrow.


Bright and shining ancient Titan who holds Earth in balance, who is with us until the end of all things. Beautiful God who blesses the world and all its life throughout the day; timeless Lord who saw the very beginning and even all the days of my own life. His is the chariot which no mortal must ever try to steer, not even His own earthly children. The great God never fails us, for He comes at each dawn, Eos Herself shouting and trumpeting joyously as the light of Helios triumphs over the lands of mankind, giving the hope of anew to all. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet incense that is the sun's delight, pour libations of cool water and wine over your altars, and love you forever.


O' luminous and mysterious Titan, peaceful and quiet, observant and graceful, ever-changing among the starry heavens; She was born of Gaia Herself, to live in honor among the Divine, a light of the Gods and a blessing to mankind in the blindness of night; wonderful Maiden like a jewel in the sky. Though you reign far above our reach, so lovingly do you adore the human race, and so kind and gentle do you hold the Earth. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet incense which is pleasing to the moon, pour delicious milk of almonds over your altars, and sing of you in the moonlight.


Eternal Mother from whose womb all living beings have come; She is the heartbeat of life, the backbone of nature, a Goddess all of mankind has known since they walked upon Her soil. She is a Mother who loves all of Her children - animals and humans; the forests and plants, the mountains and plains, She gives Her endearment to all who are a part of Her. From chaos, the vast expanse of the universe, She manifested, to be the consort of the heavens, that life may be created in all of its possibilities. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet sandalwood incense and adorn your altars with all the natural wonders of the world.


O' gracious and beautiful Hemera, lovely Goddess of the day, you raise me in the morning's light, ready to indulge the new hours in the enjoyment of the Gods, and a heart ever-grateful to you. Gorgeous One, full of life, unwavering and ongoing, returning always with the promise of anew. Here in my land, and all lands in which I have lived, you have always given me the world's natural peace. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet clove incense and pour delightful oils over your altars.


Rosy-Fingered Eos, Goddess of the bright dawn, who on each day roars the trumpets of glory that both Gods and men hear, I rejoice at Her sight, for She graces me with hope to carry out my own works; as Her peace, beauty and sweetness are my companions. What grandeur is the lovely morning, the radiance of heaven, ever-lasting for all Eons and Ages. Always in your temples and at your shrines will I burn sweet rose incense and place lush roses upon your altars.

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