Thursday, October 17, 2019

Autumn Eulogy by Priest Christopher

In time, Death comes to all things, even the seasons. The peaceful decline is experienced by all, which is the stage Nature is in as we speak. Ages ago, as it was told, Zeus wedded His beautiful daughter Persephone to Haides, God of the dead and the Underworld. Persephone became Queen of the dead and was bound to the realm below.

When Her mother, lovely Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture, discovered Her child missing, She became infuriated that these actions had been taken without Her approval, but none shall overrule the King of all Gods, for none are above Him.

However, Demeter said, All Gods have power, and all the world needs each of us. If I shall not be respected, neither shall that which depends on me. Until my daughter returns, I will not give the earth my blessings, cold shall blanket it, and nothing will grow. All the world shall suffer with me.

But even death is beautiful when it's touched by the Gods. The world turns an array of colors and peaceful breezes, which is what we are graced with even now. As winter threatened to hold humanity indefinitely, however, Zeus realized that all would die unless Demeter returned, which She would not do so long as Her daughter remained in the Underworld. Therefore, Zeus declared that Persephone would spend half the year with Haides, and half the year with Demeter. All agreed, and Persephone became the Goddess of spring as well, for when Demeter returns to embrace Her, spring and summer rule the land and life is again vibrant. Humanity receives its salvation.

All seasons provide a necessary relief from the one before it. Nothing can stay hot or cold for too long, lest things be threatened by an imbalance or destruction, and the Gods show and give us their beauty and blessings through them all. A wise Hellene does not fear or hate any season, but understands their wisdom and purpose that is fueled by the intelligence of Nature and the wonder of Olympos.

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