Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Myth Of The Month: Narcissus

A great many women were sexually attracted to the beautiful and handsome man named Narcissus, a simple hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia. He was so aesthetically appealing that men also lusted after him. Both sexes desired to have him in their beds. He was blessed in unique and immeasurable ways, something that many other humans will never experience.

But he was unable to recognize and appreciate those blessings because of his own selfish and self-righteous vanity. Instead of loving the Gods for his gifts, he began to basically worship himself. Furthermore, no one was good enough for him in his eyes, and so he rejected all advances

In the end, he fell in love with himself, always gazing lovingly at his own reflection. Because of his arrogance, he not only worshiped himself, but believed he would never find anyone worthy of his love. His vanity eventually drove him to suicide, stabbing himself through the heart.

The blood that fell from his self-inflicted wound created the flower narcissus. They are also modernly called daffodils. 

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