Mission Statement

To love and worship the Greek Divinities, strive to live by the values of Hellenism, and build a strong community of support, education and defense for Greek Polytheists everywhere.

Temple Of The Greek Gods was founded by Chris Aldridge, our Head Priest, on July 8th, 2010 in High Point, North Carolina, and is a home and a place of worship for all who love the Greek Gods, Spirits, Heroes and Deified Mortals, regardless of their denomination or path.

The temple recognizes and worships all of the ancient Greek Gods, with the Olympians as the highest, and all of the Greek Spirits and Heroes around and below them who interact productively and goodly with humans and the world. As is ancient custom, the temple also at times incorporates Heroes from its Locality (Illinois and the United States). The temple recognizes and celebrates the ancient observances on the Attik calendar and the traditional monthly Holy Days, as well as modern celebrations, such as solstices and equinoxes, in an ancient Greek format. Daily devotions are also taught and encouraged. It is important to note that, when we say we incorporate all of ancient Greek religion into our temple, we mean the established religions of the mainlands and original City-States of ancient Greece. We do not venture into the later realms of Alexandrianism or any form of foreign syncretism. We remain with the original ancient Greek identities.

The morality promoted by the temple is that of the Maxims of Delphi and the Tenets of Solon. However, neither the temple or ancient Greek religion has a specific text or book that is an ultimate authority, but instead incorporates philosophy, ethics, tradition and myth from all of the ancient Greek City-States, and allows each person to decide which is best suitable for their own personal life and belief. Neither the temple or its clergy involves themselves in the personal lives of the members unless they are in need of help and request it. Otherwise, their personal life is their own personal business.

Membership and participation is open to anyone who believes in and respects the Greek Gods and is of good character (please check our ByLaws for a complete list of requirements). Besides that, the temple does not require a specific belief, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, class, nationality, gender, orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or political affiliation, nor do we uphold a certain political party, ideology or candidate as an organization. As well as a temple of the Greek Gods, we are also a very proudly humanitarian establishment. There are no membership or participation fees, but donations are accepted. It does not cost anyone a mandatory dime to be a member of our temple. We are here to serve and grow together, not make bank. In fact, our temple was built entirely with the funds and labor of the Head Priest. 

Our temple has its own private land and physical residence, completely under the ownership of the Priest and Priestess. Demos is ancient Greek for "community," and ours covers the following areas in Illinois: Machesney Park, Roscoe, Rockton, Loves Park, Rockford, and South Beloit. We also cover the Beloit, Wisconsin area if needed.

It is also important to remember that, while we have a physical temple and sanctuary, our community is not confined to one address. In other words, we are made up of people from everywhere. We are an organization as well as an idea and an ideal by which to live. One does not have to ever visit our physical location to call themselves a member of our temple. The fact that they align their practice and beliefs along with the temple itself, means they are part of the Demos (community).

If you would like to apply for membership, or request information about our events and gatherings, please use the contact form on the right side of the website.

Temple's Core Principles

Worship, love and respect the Gods.
Respect all of humanity.
Lead a productive life.
Make no friend with evil, or an enemy of the Gods.
Leave all hubris behind.
Love knowledge and wisdom.
Bring good to the world and your fellow man or woman.
Love and care for the land which the Gods have given you.
Keep honor as the greatest of all virtues.
Maintain a healthy balance in all things.
Never be guilty of any treason.
Enjoy life.

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