Saturday, July 29, 2023

Announcement On Future Temple Events

We have decided that, from this day forward, all temple events will move to a live streaming video instead of in-person, unless an exception calls for otherwise.

We feel that since the vast majority of Hellenists and Greek Pagans follow our events in this format any way, making it a disservice to the community to leave most people without a venue, we have decided that live video is the best way to proceed with temple ritual activities.

Hellenism and Paganism itself is still a minority religion. Therefore, it's very difficult to set up a temple or organization in one spot where a majority of adherents will be able to physically attend. 

Therefore, to best serve the community at this time, our rites and rituals are moving to a streaming outlet. Outlines and instructions will be sent out to people far in advance of the video so they will be able to participate with us.

This decision, however, does not impact any of our other temple or clergy services universally. People can still physically come to the temple and sanctuary by appointment, and request any of our services in-person.

Priest Christopher.

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