Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Temple Relieved of Debts!

As of August 15th, 2022, the temple had accrued roughly $3,760 in debts for the construction of the inside portion of the temple and the outside sanctuary. In the years previous, other debts had been taken on for the same reason, resulting in around $2,000+. All together, the temple has spent around $6,760 birthing itself. Great pains and hardships have been taken to make our organization the best it can possibly be with our given means.

However, as of today, I am pleased to announce that all major debts have been paid off, including the entirety of the $6,760. The temple no longer owes money for anything. Any remaining debts are meager and have been transferred to my personal business account to be handled privately. I also do not foresee any reason whatsoever as to why the temple would again have to take on such high debts. Any major repairs that may be needed in the future (Gods forbid) are protected by insurance.

Finally, not only is the temple out of debt, but its property now has a wealth value (not income value) of $195,000, a wealth value that has increased from $101,000 since we bought the house and land in 2019. Basically, we have paid off our debts and ended with a surplus.

We are in good standing with a bright future, and I thank the Gods every day for seeing us down the difficults roads, and for all the blessings they've given us.

Priest Christopher.

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