Temple Services

Rites of Passage
As human beings, we go through many stages of change in our lives, from birth to adult. The Priest or Priestess is available for any Hellenic rite of passage within the Demos. Contact each person for their own individual rate.

The Priest or Priestess is happy to plan and lead Hellenic marriage ceremonies and initiate Hellenic unions in the state of Illinois. Rates range from $150 to $350 including traveling and lodging expenses for events out of the temple Demos. 

The Priest or Priestess offers spiritual counseling services upon request, either in person, over the phone, or internet video. Appointments must be made in advance. The Priest does not charge for his services in this field, but he does appreciate a small donation. Fees for the counseling or divinatory services of the Priestess are up to her discretion.

House or Personal Cleansing
Only the Priest handles cleansing and banishments, both of people and homes, to cleanse of negativity and inconvenient or hostile spirits. He does not charge for this service if within the Demos or reasonable distance from it.

Infant and Child Blessing
The Priest or Priestess will do an in-person Hellenic blessing for any newborn or child, free of charge if within the Demos.

Funerals and Burials
Temple Of The Greek Gods is happy to take part in leading Hellenic funerals for those in our community who have passed on. If within driving distance of the temple, the Priest and Priestess do not charge for travel expenses, and are glad to do a service in any funeral home. Prior appointment must be scheduled with them.

Prayer Requests
Any member of the temple clergy will be glad to accept and perform prayer requests for anyone, completely free of charge. Simply contact your preferred individual. 

Public Speaking or Rites
The Priest or Priestess does public speaking and leads public rites for other people, groups and events. Public speaking fees are $100 per hour, per individual speaking. For leading public Hellenic rites, there are no charges for events within the Demos. 

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