Priest Christopher's Words

The Philosophies and Life Experiences of Priest Christopher

If you want to hear Death laugh, tell Him how rich you are.

Truth is not for people who want big circles of friends.

The Gods never charge us money for the things we need. Greed and exploitation have always been human constructs.

Sometimes in order to find out who you are, you have to experience who you are not.

The Hero does things that the common person is either unable or unwilling to do.

What is good and evil? Simply put, the Gods and the lack thereof.

Life threw its greatest challenges at Odysseus, but the challenges also brought Him to see many beautiful things and gain much wisdom that would not have been possible otherwise.

Each morning, wake up with a love for life and a heart grateful to the Gods.

Nature is the Gods showing us how beautiful they are, and giving us the privilege of living in their beauty.

Moderation is about finding a healthy balance, to neither starve or overindulge, for both are equally destructive.

Ears that spurn will the hard way learn.

There are no easy roads to the things you want, but the Gods will give you a chariot.

I've noticed that people who have a lot to say about others haven't done much with their own lives.

To pretend to be something you're not is the greatest of all betrayals.

Life can certainly be hard, sometimes maddening, but I've found that the Gods are the joy we can always experience.

Always allow a complete examination before making any conclusions. Things are normally not as bad as you fear.

Only the Gods own the Earth. Live by this ideal and you will always have a clean and safe place to call home.

A good priest or priestess prays and sacrifices for others more than they do for themselves.

As a Hellenist, things like race, gender and orientation do not occur to me. Poseidon would let us all drink from His river.

Always love the Gods and each other, because in the end, there is nothing else.

Think about all the reasons you can instead of all the reasons you can't.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you become so full of pride and arrogance that you cannot admit to them, that's when you become most wretched.

Virtue is found in honor for the sake of honor, and right only for the sake of right.

The only things that are impossible are the ones we believe to be.

Success is found in taking the things the Gods have given you and making them the best possible.

There are always a million things that could go wrong, but focusing on that fear will cause you to miss the Gods' blessings.

The Gods are ultimately beyond human comprehension. What we see, experience and understand only covers what humans are able to.

Honor is the most important of all virtues. Without it, there is nothing you won't do under the right circumstances.

Many people will see you in many ways, but what's most important is how you see yourself.

There's beauty in everything if you have the right eyes.

A Hellenist believes in Gods of peace, but also wears armor, because we understand there comes a time for both.

Concerning our own courses of action, it can be largely a red herring to argue what the Gods do or have done, because we are not Gods, and therefore have no right to play like we are.

The scientist is knowledgeable, the spiritualist is wise.

Of course love is real, it's just that most people never find it because they're too focused on things that do not define it.

If you cannot put the Gods first, what can you put first? The Gods are the greatest of all, the very reason you're alive. If you can neglect them, you can easily neglect your family, friends and yourself.

Each day when I get up, I say to myself, "I'm going to do something purposeful with my life today." Whether it be a new investment, learning a new skill, or just starting a new personal project. Do something, to my mind, to be a little better than yesterday and cause the Gods to look slightly more in my direction.

The Gods are the biggest fans you can have. Don't concern yourself with whether or not other people see you.

A marriage endures when you face things together. 

If I could choose my last words, they would be these: The world was so unfair, but what a beautiful world it was.

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