Polis Conference 2022

Polis Conference

August 20th, 1pm

2022 will be the temple's first annual Polis Conference, a gathering created and organized by Priest Christopher in 2021. The Conference is a virtual meeting of Hellenists and Hellenic Polytheists from various Cities across the country and the world, to discuss progress and issues of their community and how we can all come together to help one another, if needed. Topics are religious freedom, Hellenic communities, environmentalism, community activism, law, government, politics, diversity, education, employment, and anything else of value. To apply for a seat at the 2022 meeting, fill out the application below and submit it to: 





City You Are Representing:


Education Level:

Employment, Profession or Trade:

Topic(s) You Want To Speak About:

Please note that the time limit on speaking may vary depending on how many people attend the Conference.