Wednesday, September 30, 2020

October 2020 Demos Newsletter

"All men need the Gods."
- Homer

A Word From The Priest
I hope everyone's autumn season has started pleasantly, and that the Gods bless all of you with an enormous amount of beauty and peace in the Fall days to come. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, the reason we have autumn and winter is because Demeter leaves the Earth until Her daughter Persephone returns from the Underworld. Because of Demeter's absence, everything basically dies. I have always said, when talking about autumn and its colorful intrigue, that even death is beautiful when it's touched by the Gods. Every single thing is more blissful when the Gods are part of it. The Gods are the happiness we can always experience, because only good things come from them. It's also a reminder that there is nothing to fear or lament about natural changes. All ages begin and end, and good things always return. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Priest Christopher.

Our last public event for this year is coming up in October, our annual Rite of Haides. As always, all of our public events are operated through our live feed whether we have a physical gathering or not, so that our abroad members and friends can participate from any location. As this is our last public event for 2020, this is your last opportunity to attend one this year. Please keep an eye on the temple Facebook page for the outline to be posted later in October. Check our Facebook events page for times and details.

Priest Christopher has decided that the temple won't be running Demeter's Drive this year due to the Covid problem, as local food banks may not accept upcoming donations, nor allow organizations to distribute them without extensive regulation. However, he does encourage people to donate monetarily to local charities that may be able to feed people more easily.

The temple's outside sanctuary and indoor temple have been declared officially complete and open for service.

Priest Christopher will be teaching a class on ancient Greek banishment for the Chicago Pagan Pride event on October 10th, at 2pm central time. The event this year is an online virtual one being operated through the site Discord. Chris will be in Room 2. More information can be found on the Chicago Pagan Pride website.
Oktober Calendar

5th, Proerosia, Festival of Demeter.
7th, Puanepsia, Festival of Apollon.
7th, Oskhophoria, grape harvest festival.
8th, Theseia, Festival of Theseus.
9th, Stenia, Women's Festival of Demeter and Persephone.
11th - 13th, Thesmophoria, Women's Festival of Demeter and Persephone.
15th, Renewal Day before the New Moon.
16th, First New Moon Holy Day, all Gods.
17th, Agathos Daimon New Moon Holy Day.
18th, Athena New Moon Holy Day.
19th, Aphrodite, Hermes, Eros and Herakles New Moon Holy Day.
21st, Artemis New Moon Holy Day.
22nd, Apollon New Moon Holy Day.
23rd, Poseidon and Theseus New Moon Holy Day.
30th, Khalkeia, Festival of Hephaistos and Athena.


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