Thursday, August 27, 2020

September 2020 Demos Newsletter

 "Nothing bad is without something good."

- Ancient Greek Proverb.


A Word From The Priest

It's hard to believe that it's already September. It's been precisely one year since my wife and I bought our house and land to be used for our family and temple. It seems like just last night I was going back and forth up and down the highway to transport the last of our belongings from our old apartment in South Beloit, and looking at that empty central room that would come to be the beautiful temple it is today. I will miss the summer months, although summer isn't actually over until September 21st, and even after, we have one of the most beautiful autumns in the northern hemisphere, so there is certainly nothing to be saddened about. We have been growing so well as a temple in Machesney Park over the last year, and I think it's in part because we are finally grounded as an organization. So, what do we have to show after our first year? A fully built indoor temple of amazing beauty, an outdoor sanctuary able to hold dozens of worshipers, and a wonderfully vibrant community, both online and local. Now we shall see what the Gods send to us in the second year.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Priest Christopher.



The temple's application for the Illinois Adopt-A-Highway program is still processing. We were informed recently by the Dept. of Transportation that approval and sign placing can take up to 4 months, perhaps longer at present time. It could actually be well into winter before it's all done, but we're hoping it will be sooner. 

The temple's last event of the year, our annual Rite of Haides, will be taking place at the end of October and will be an online event through our live feed. Check the events section of our Facebook page for details, and keep a check on the Facebook wall as Priest Christopher will eventually post the outline for everyone.

The end of September will once again mark the beginning of our annual Demeter's Drive, which we plan to go full force with this year since it will be our first major charity in the surrounding area since we arrived in Machesney Park. That is, if food banks and other locations are accepting such donations at this time. If we are given the green light, members and supporters can drop off canned goods at our address or give monetary donations to be used for the purchasing of said goods. All food collected will be given over to a local food bank or charity that feeds the hungry and needy in the area.



5th, Genesia - Festival of the Dead.
6th, Kharisteria - sacrifices to Artemis Agrotera.
7th, Boidromia - Thanksgiving of Apollon.
15th - 21st, Mysteries of Eleusis.
15th, Renewal Day before the New Moon.
16th, First Holy Day of the New Moon, All Gods.
17th, Agathos Daimon New Moon Holy Day.
18th, Athena New Moon Holy Day.
19th, Aphrodite, Hermes, Eros and Herakles New Moon Holy Day.
21st, Artemis New Moon Holy Day.
22nd, Apollon New Moon Holy Day.
23rd, Poseidon and Theseus New Moon Holy Day.
18th, Epidauria- Festival of Asklepios.
27th, sacrifices to the Nymphs, Achelous, Hermes, Athena and Gaia.




Office Of The Clergy

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