Monday, August 31, 2020

Labor Day 2020

Temple Of The Greek Gods has certainly always understood the value of good and productive labors. In fact, one of our Gods, Hephaistos, is the God of laborers. Of course, His workings are of a much higher level. In any case, He greatly admires and values those who work to perfect and make beautiful things as much as possible. Without those in the Universe, including the human element of workers, in all their forms, we would not be the advanced and productive world and society we are today. Many have devalued many of the branches of traditional labors, but we here at the temple have not. We understand that all who toil for our nation and world, contribute a vital part to its continued existence. Without the people making our cars, we would have no transportation. Without those who build our furniture and homes, we would have nowhere to live and no modern comfort or convenience. The Homeric Hymn to Hephaistos say that humans once had to dwell in caves until they were instructed in craft by the God, and were then able to live comfortably in their modern homes. 

We encourage everyone this Labor Day, and all labor days to come, to look around their homes and in their lives, and think of all the things they have because of someone else's hard work, and be grateful to them. We at Temple Of The Greek Gods give our gratitude to all of our nation's workers today, and we pray that Hephaistos will bless them in every way that the Blacksmith God knows.

Priest Christopher.

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