Thursday, July 23, 2020

Requirements For Panathenaia 2020

If you are attending our online rites of Panathenaia next week, July 29th at 6pm, you will need to make sure you have the following items, and read the notes attached to this post. 

  • Candle for altar flame.
  • Purification water.
  • New peplos or robe for Athena's statue. (Traditionally, this was only done by women worshipers. Men do not make Her garments nor clothe Her statue with them. If you have a female friend on hand who wouldn't mind participating, ask her to join for this part).
  • Can of fresh olives.
  • Bottle of fresh olive oil.
  • Your own personal libation.
  • Cone of frankincense.
Finally, you will need to have a copy of the temple's Panathenaia hymn to Athena, which we will all be singing together at one point. The hymn is as follows:

Eo Pallas Athena, eo evoke,
you who Zeus bore alone,
blessed in every way. 
Noble Goddess of war,
brave in the battle's din,
all know, know of your greatness,
you who dwell within.

Caves of earth and of courage,
these be your domain.
Goddess, though we adore you,
no one can explain.
How you dwell in all places,
meadows and windy hills,
high on mountaintop summits,
in the wind that chills.

Yours is the warrior's frenzy,
weapons bring you joy,
beauty and vigor define you,
even as you destroy.
Deep your terrible temper,
killer of gorgo's power,
yet you bring us the arts,
and their creative flower.

The bed of physical love brings you no desire,
still you gift us with prudence,
and the virtuous fire.
Wild heart, powerful Goddess,
you who foment war,
noble illustrious Lady,
even in battle's roar.

Oh you protect us from giants,
Goddess of victory,
driving our horses before you,
you who set us free.

In the fear of the night,
and in our darkest day,
ever with us in comfort,
hear us as we pray.
Give us the promise of peace,
bring healing and wealth to all,
happiness in all seasons,
hearing your people call.
Bless us now and forever,
queen of eternal day,

Gray Eyed Pallas Athena, eo evoke (X3)

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