Friday, July 31, 2020

August 2020 Demos Newsletter

"They are so far from realizing that no God can wish evil to man."
- Theaetetus.


A Word From The Priest
I want to thank everyone who participated to make Panathenaia 2020 a great event once again, even though it was an entirely online rite. We may all be taking precautions at this time, but it reminds me a lot of our faith and resolve as Hellenic people. Hellenes today still choose to worship at the ruins of their temples rather than to become Christians at the biggest churches or cathedrals. Nothing stops a Hellene's love for the Gods. We will worship and celebrate them whenever and however we are able. That's a fact and a hallmark of the Hellenic people. Although I myself am very happy to see some form of societal normality returning to our State of Illinois. If the trend continues, our temple may be able to do public gatherings again soon. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Priest Christopher.

Our temple's application for the Illinois Adopt-A-Highway program was accepted this month and is presently under consideration by the Dept. of Transportation. Our temple made its final establishment here in Machesney Park, Illinois in September 2019, and even though the Park is a new City in the American timeline, we noticed that litter was already starting to become an issue. Priest Christopher took the initiative to get the temple involved through the volunteer efforts of the Highway program. Should the temple's application be approved for the section of road we have claimed in our locality, there will be a sign placed with our organization's name, and cleanup efforts will be held on the basis of the State guidelines. By the way, the Dept. of Transportation has already given the Covid green light for cleaning efforts to resume for all volunteers.

The temple's public outside sanctuary is aiming to have construction completed by the end of this summer. As some of you may remember, it began with a simple tree sanctuary, holding a central column encased by a wall. The tree chosen was the central tree of the yard. More construction efforts have recently taken place, to build 12 columns encircling the outer wall, each one with a statue of an Olympian God atop. The colors chosen for the columns were gold and white, to symbolize the Divinity of Olympos above, and the piety of their worshipers below. Once the outer columns are done, the construction of the sanctuary will be deemed officially finished and open to the public, following State Covid guidelines at this time, of course.

The temple only has one more public rite that it will hold this year, that being our annual Rite of Haides. If you have not had the chances to tune in for any of our gatherings yet, this will be your last opportunity for 2020.


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