Monday, March 30, 2020

Demos March 2020 Newsletter

"Everything flows and nothings abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed."
- Heraclitus.

Temple News

The biggest story of our American society this month is, of course, the Covid-19 outbreak. As you know, the American states have basically shut down non-essential businesses and asked people to stay out of large groups and practice social distancing until the quarantine is lifted, which of course, no one knows when that will be at this point. Temple Of The Greek Gods, in response to this, has two statements. One, we encourage our people to honor their state's quarantine requests, and to practice good, consistent sanitation in their daily lives. Two, we will not be cancelling any of our upcoming public events. If we must, we will simply broadcast them from our live feed and people can follow from their own home computers. The Clergy of the temple also asks everyone to pray and sacrifice regularly to the Purification and Health Gods for this virus to be sent away from our lands.

In better news, new outlines are underway, no matter the social situation, to do more online videos and programs for members and people who wish to engage the temple. Some of you may remember this year, Priest Christopher did a few videos on the Facebook page regarding worship and veneration of certain ancient Greek Heroes, which have received hundreds of views and followers. We would like to build and very broad interactive community this year and keep it consistent, whether it be for ritual purposes, education, or both. 

Being that spring is now upon us, it means that the temple's outside sanctuary will be open for the completion of its building projects, which we estimate will last through the summer and be completed by the end of the autumn season. The sanctuary will be open for rites during the construction, even if we have to use lives feeds because of the quarantines. Besides the central altar which many people have already seen and should expect more added to it, there will be an arc of 12 columns encircling the outer barrier of the property, each with a statue of an Olympian God upon it. The sanctuary will have abundant places for prayer, rituals, sacrifice, or just relaxing and enjoying the Divine presence that resides there.


Upcoming Events

Spring Festival of Artemis, May 13th, 2pm, temple sanctuary.
Temple 10th birthday BBQ, July 8th, all day, temple sanctuary.
Aphrodisia, July 8th, 1pm, temple sanctuary.


Office of the Clergy

Priest Christopher Aldridge -
Priestess Anastasia Aldridge -
Thyechoos Matthew Finney -

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