Wednesday, October 9, 2019

8th Annual Rite Of Haides Is Nearing!

One of our temple's oldest and most popular celebrations will take place on October 26th, in our temple room starting at 7pm. The Rite of Haides has taken on several locations, diverse audiences and worshipers, and even names over the course of about the last decade. It has been celebrated in backyards and Universalist churches, but this year, as everyone knows, we have our own private property and temple room, where our events will now and forever always be held. There are no admission costs, but donations are accepted.

The Rite of Haides is a Hellenized celebration of Autumn, the dead, the Underworld, Underworld Gods (mainly Haides), and our passed loved ones. During the rite, for instance, we will eventually invoke our deceased relatives to present them gifts and receive their blessings in return. At the conclusion of the Rite, we will be treating all attendants to a free feast. We encourage people to bring a favorite food of a passed loved one for this celebration as well.

The Rite of Haides is also a celebration of life, life beyond this physical manifestation and the wonderful things our passed loved ones and ancestors have left us to continue with. We hope to see many wonderful, diverse and devoted faces this year. Please keep in mind that we do NOT post our address publicly, therefore, those who wish to attend must contact us for the location. You can use the temple contact form on the website, or email the priest directly. 

Priest Christopher -

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