Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Temple Construction Coming GREAT!

The new private property for our temple is coming together wonderfully. Priest Christopher has already erected a few shrines in the outside sanctuary and sectioned off a small portion for Hellenic burials. The inside worship home has also been painted and cleaned by him, and the statues and altars are starting to take shape. We expect everything to be ready to go by the end of September, which is good because it will be in more than enough time for our annual Rite of Haides event in November.

Temple Of The Greek Gods will begin holding public events and rites each Sunday and festival day that is announced. We are very excited to start this new chapter in our temple's history, that we may better serve the Gods and their people. However, members and interested parties should keep in mind that we do not list our address publicly. We give it out individually to members and those who are interested in attending our gatherings and events, so if you are not a member and wish to visit or join, you will have to contact the clergy office to gain permission. We keep this privacy for the protection of our members, the temple itself, and the clergy, as part of the ground is their own private residence.

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