Thursday, September 26, 2019

Shrine To Your City's God Month

October is our temple's annual "Build a Shrine to Your City's God Month," first announced by Priest Christopher in 2017. In ancient Greece, each City and Locality had its own Patron God/Goddess. As modern practitioners, we should continue this in our own areas. Of course, we can't make religion part of our governments, but we can build on our own lands and in our own homes and publicly celebrate with others as we invite the God into our homelands. We can also share these things on social media with other like minded people to raise education on Hellenic religion.

For ideas as to which God you should build to, consider your geography. If you reside in a big City area, Athena is the Goddess of cities. If you're very rural, surrounded by forests, hills and/or wildlife, Artemis, Dionysos, or Pan for instance. If you live in a place renowned for something, such as art for example, your shrine or sanctuary might be to Apollon. Consider the dominant attributes of your residence, and happy building.

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