Friday, September 20, 2019

Demeter's Drive 2019 - Let Your Compassion Show

The first day of Autumn is nearly upon us, which means our temple will start its annual food drive charity called Demeter's Drive. The objective has always been simple; gather as much canned or boxed foods as possible until the end of the harvest season on December 21st, then donate what we have to local food banks in the temple's name. The Drive's mission is to feed poor and needy people in our localities who might otherwise go hungry. 

The temple headquarters in Machesney Park will house the bulk of these collections and donations for the organization during this time period, but we encourage everyone to gather their own personal donations for their local charities, or if so inclined, donate funds to the temple's charity so that we can increase our collections. At the end of the harvest season, all food we have collected is handed over to stop hunger in our areas, completely free of any kind of charge. 

The Priest encourages everyone outside of the temple Demos to make this charity successful by gathering their own foods for donation, thus spreading the influence of the temple and Demeter's Drive across the country or globe.

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