Monday, August 5, 2019

Thyechoos Sworn In

We are happy to announce that on July 27th at Panathenaia, we officially swore in Matthew Finney as our temple's Thyechoos and assistant to the Head Priest. Matthew had been serving our temple in this capacity for some time, but took his vow of office during the celebration this year. Thyechoos means "Offering Pourer." Matthew is the officer who presents and looks after offerings and sacrifices given to the Gods on the temple's behalf, and also sees to the safety, care and upkeep of statues, shrines, altars, sanctuaries, and texts regarding ancient Greek religion and philosophy, or any written word regarding our own organization. Some may consider his position the modern equivalent of a Deacon.

I appointed Matthew to the position because of his outstanding service and dedication to the Gods, the temple, his community, and his endless pursuit of knowledge concerning ancient Greece. I was simply astounded by his dedication to us, sometimes traveling for hours on end just to attend an hour long event in our area. His appointment is well deserved. We are very happy to have him in our ranks and hope he remains with us for as long as the Gods keep the world moving. More so, I hope his work with us will be a growth experience for him.

Priest Christopher.

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