Thursday, August 29, 2019

Our Temple Officially Gains Private Land Tomorrow

As many of you know, Priest Christopher and Priestess Anastasia have been in the process of closing on a selected house and land, part of which will be used for temple function. Tomorrow at 3 pm, it will be finally completed. Much of the yard space and one of the inner rooms will be used as worship space for temple members and friends. The picture on the right shows the new worship room space, and the picture on the bottom left reveals that we are now going to have a large amount of private outdoor space to host our bigger events.

"It's a great milestone for our temple, one that I feared might never come. But thanks to the Gods and our own determination, we are finally going to be able to build a physical worship space yet again, one that this time will be ours forever. For a minority religion to fully gain its independence, is an amazing feeling. We plan on doing lots of cosmetic work when we move in. The temple areas are going to be gorgeous when they're finished, and able to hold 20 to 100 people, I estimate." - Priest Christopher. "It will take some time to put everything together, but when it's done, people are going to know they're in a temple of the Greek Gods when they step inside."

"I'm very excited. We can hold events whenever we want and better serve our community. And since the worship room is connected to our house, it means I will be able to make magnificent feasts to accompany it all." - Priestess Anastasia. The Priestess has spent many hard working hours to make this a reality, sometimes staying up all night just to prepare bank documents on time and traveling 5 hours to get financial documents. She is owed a lot of thanks for the fact that this has finally happened.

"I think it's great because we now don't have to rely on a park or someone else's church. We can now have festivals anytime, rain or shine." - Thyechoos Matthew.

Temple Of The Greek Gods will release their official public address once they have finished furnishing the residence, which they estimate to be by the end of the month of Boedromion. Along with a worship room, the temple will also have its own official Hellenic library to house ancient Greek literature from all over the world. The worship room even has a section for a treasury, where devotees can store offerings to the Gods such as statues, metals and clothing. 

As some of you may recall, this is not the first time the temple has actually had physical worship space. They also established a smaller property when they resided in Thomasville, North Carolina, but that house and land was rented, never owned by the clergy. While it still functioned as a temple area, it was never legally theirs. Fortunately, that's about to change, 7 years after the property in Thomasville was vacated for the move north to Illinois. Things didn't always look good for the temple's future after that, and it even ceased to exist for a while, but it has bounced back in a big way, thanks to the Gods and the devotion of its clergy

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